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Mesozoic II

Cenozoic I

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General Palaeontology



Paleoecological implications of amber-bearing organisms (by Peris D.)

Special session: Palaeontological heritage. Future perspectives(by Cruzado-Caballero P., Tagua V. G., Cadavid-Melero E. & Aponte-Navarro M. J.)

Recent advances in paleobotany and paleoecology by early career researchers (by Toumoulin A., Tosal A., & Decombeix A.-L.)

Filling Gaps in Ordovician Palaeontology (by Candela Y., El Hariri K., Ghobadi Pour M., Lefebvre B., Raevskaya E., Tinn O., Waisfeld B., & Wang W.)

Palaeontological scenarios of the Paraná Basin (by Carvalho Fraga, M., & Cunha da Silva, D)

Biology and Ecology of Chondrichthyans: from the past to the present (by Jambura, P. L., Türtscher, J., Villalobos-Segura, E. & Manzanares, E.)

Conservation Paleobiology: looking at the past, interpreting the present, planning for the future (by Abondio P., Cybulski J., D., De Entrambasaguas-Laguna J., Dillon E., Hohmann N., Hong Y., Ritter M., & Smith I.

Small mammals: hidden treasures of biodiversity (by Jiménez-Hidalgo, E. & Guerrero-Arenas, R.)

Vertebrate ichnology: from traces to tracemakers (by Díaz-Martínez, I., Sciscio, L., de Valais, S., Abrahams, M., Romano, M., & Citton, P.)

Palaeontology and Prehistoric Archaeology of the Quaternary Period (by: Arceredillo, D., García-Ibaibarriaga, N., Romero, A. J., & Villaluenga, A.)

A small new world: modern methodologies and approaches on the study of Mesozoic small herpetofauna (by Beccari,V., Guillaume, A., Lemierre, A., & Villa, A.)

Late Neogene ungulates from Eurasia: Taxonomy, Biochronology, Paleobiogeography and Evolution (by Cirilli, O., Martino, R., Ríos Ibáñez, M., Sorbelli L., & Pandolfi, L.)