Organisers: Penélope Cruzado Caballero1, Victor Garcia Tagua1, Elena Cadavid Melero1 & Mario Jesús Aponte Navarro1

1Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


The objective of this session is to provide a forum to discuss future prospects for the conservation of Palaeontological Heritage taking into account the current state of fossils protection worldwide. We encourage potential collaborators to share their experiences and opinions about the needs, barriers and disadvantages that they face in their different countries when protecting their Palaeontological Heritage and how is framed within the Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs” of UNESCO’s 2030 agenda. Since different countries have implemented different criteria and conservation laws at a global, regional or local level, it will be interesting to know the coincidences and differences between the distinct points of view. Finally, we invite potential speakers to share their strategies aimed to include the general public in effective medium- and long-term conservation plans.


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