Organisers: Candela Yves, El Hariri Khadija, Ghobadi Pour Mansoureh, Lefebvre Bertrand, Raevskaya Elena, Tinn Oive, Waisfeld Beatriz and Wang Wenhui.


Our understanding of the pattern and tempo of the initial diversification of metazoans in Early Palaeozoic times is more challenged than ever, with raising questions about the accuracy and completeness of the current sets of available palaeontological data and environmental proxies. This  session, organized by the UNESCO/IGCP 735 “Rocks and the Rise of  Ordovician Life” (Rocks n’ROL) primarily aims at filling the numerous knowledge gaps related to various aspects of the Ordovician diversification: obviously, data gaps within the period from the preceding Cambrian explosion to the post-Hirnantian Silurian recovery do exist, but also major regional biases in knowledge/data during the Ordovician itself, e.g. from Africa, South America, the Near and Middle East, southeastern Asia, Siberia. This session is not restricted to talks on palaeo(bio)geographic and stratigraphic gaps, but it also welcomes all presentations contributing to enhance knowledge on less investigated or poorly  known aspects of Early Palaeozoic diversifications related to e.g. taphonomic gaps, reef communities, trace fossils, and the early  colonization of continental environments by plants and animals.


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