Organisers: Penélope Cruzado Caballero1, Carolina Castillo Ruiz1, Rosalía Guerrero Arenas2

1Universidad de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

2Universidad del Mar, Oaxaca, México


The aim of this session is to offer a forum to discuss the current situation about the status of the palaeontological heritage around the world. We encourage the potential contributors to share their experiences and opinions about the needs, barriers, and downsides of the recognition and preservation of palaeontological heritage and how its protection is framed within the Sustainable Development Goals “SDG” of the UNESCO 2030 agenda.

Another topic of discussion is whether the palaeontological patrimony should be linked with the geological heritage or whether it should be managed separately.  In addition, it is necessary to review the characterisation criteria of movable and immovable palaeontological goods for their inclusion as palaeontological heritage. Since different proposals for evaluation criteria and conservation figures at a global, regional or local level have been used in several countries, it would be interesting to discuss coincidences and differences of the diverse points of view.

All this, together with the unstoppable increase in the digitisation of paleontological remains and sites, makes us wonder if a redefinition of the Palaeontological Heritage of the 21st century is necessary. We would like to extend our invitation to potential proponents to share their strategies for getting society involved in effective conservation plans at mid- and long term.